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We are a Film and TV Production Company located in Taquara, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Duly registered with ANCINE under registration 38211 , it also operates in cultural productions and distribution  of cinematographic films, in addition to outsourcing audiovisual equipment and services.  

            We always work with professionalism and confidence, that's why we have quality in our services. We value our partners, prioritize transparency, character and have total dedication and commitment to what we propose to do.

            Our president, founder and director Marcelo Cunha ahead of the company, active in the audiovisual field since 2011, attended the renowned Veiga de Almeida University. Having his career vast of experiences from video editor, videographer, VFX to film and TV show director.  It decided to create Maraq Filmes e Produções Limitada – ME to consolidate itself in the market with differentiated technology and workforce. Maraq Filmes today is made up of a team of qualified, ethical, dedicated and trustworthy professionals.

  • Produce entertainment programs, films and documentaries as well as support post production with audiovisual equipment of good quality and current on the market;

  • Be a reference producer in entertainment  to produce excellent quality materials and services.;

  • we work  with people who align with our mission and vision, always with professionalism and confidence;

  • Quality of services at fair value;

  • Valuing our partners;

  • Decision-making focused on mission and vision, always with honesty, transparency and total dedication  ;

  • Commitment; and

  • Innovation and creativity      

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